Ouzoud Waterfalls day trip

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Ouzoud Falls is located in the province of Azilal, 150 km north-east of Marrakesh in Morocco and 80 km from the city of Beni Mellal and the closest area has a large Atlas village of Tanagmelt and the height of the waterfalls about 110 meters. Located in the Azilal region of Morocco, the place is the most visited in the region. Close to green valleys, windmills, orchards and a wonderful circle of the wagons and springs of the river slaves( Alaabid). Ouzoud is the word Amazigh in the sense of molar, which revolves in the force of pushing the water, the bottom of the waterfalls easy access through a road shaded by olive trees. At the top of the landslides or the waterfall, there are a dozen old small mills that are still in use. At dusk, full crowds of monkeys can be seen. Many local and national associations lead projects to protect, maintain the region. You will move easily and comfortably( transport).


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